Ep. 1: The Gokaiger of the Galaxy

Luke Skywalker: Red Ranger

Han Solo: Blue Ranger

Princess Leia: White Ranger

Note: They have the same suits as Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers/Kakuranger

This where they battle Darth Maul on Naboo


Satele: Ready the doors of Sealing!

Satele; Now we must seal away the Sith.

A few Years: Luke Skywalker was sent to Mustafar, to locate the Stormtrooper Base.

Gunray: Help!

Luke: are you alright, sir? Hey, here you go.

Gunray: This power surge, you must take it! Take it to the Ancient Abyss! You can have this 100 Dollar. Just take it there.

Master Shaak Ti: Son of Vader, Welcome to the Ancient Abyss! A place of Sacrifie since time immemorial! Follow me. What's in the bag.

Luke: A power Surge.

Shaak Ti: I seen that before. So what about about the money?

Luke: I don't know. Take to the Rebel Alliance and tell 'em what happen.

Shaak Ti: Droids

Luke: Hey! Ain't anyone there!?

Shaak Ti: No way, It's shut tight.

Luke: What the...

Shaak Ti: Now, you did it.

Luke: You!

Gunray: Thank you! Young Skywalker.

Luke: What's going on.

Gunray: Jedi scum.

Shaak Ti: Lettin' a quest blind you. Beyond the doors lies all energy of the Separtist Droid Factory.If it escapes, we're all finish.

Luke: Jedi Master, What are you talking about.

Gunray: You're too late, Shaak ti. The Separtist has return. Let's see how you like that, Jedi.

Shaak Ti: Embrace your destiny, Young Skywalker.

Luke: Han, Leia. Come here to Naboo.

Ben: Shaak Ti is right.

Luke: Ben?

Ben: You'll find out soon enough. Once you start fighting Darth Maul.

Luke: Hey, Swords.

Leia: We arrive to help you.

Han: Why Did you open that door?

Luke: Well, You see some Separtist leader betrayed me into opening door.

Leia: Okay? We'll be pulling the swords out togeter. Very well. Here we go.

To be Contiued!

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