Luke as Spongebob

Han as Patrick



GNK Droid - jellyfish

MSE-6 - Critter


Tusken Raider - Fogger

Jawa - Ham-mer

Gamorrean Guard - Flinger

Skiff Guard - Spinner

Palace Guard - Popper

Imperials/Bucket Heads:

Stormtrooper - Fogger

Beach Trooper - Slammer

Sandtrooper - Flinger

Snowtrooper - Spinner

Scout Trooper - Popper

Imperial Guard - Mervyn


TIE Fighters replaces Foggers

Gun Turnets replaces Buldozer, Spikes

Speeder Bike replaces Police Cars, Valcano Sause

AT-ST replaces Truck, Yellow Monster

TIE Bomber replaces Boats, Green Monster

Star Distroyer replaces Cranes, Monster Cave

AT-AT replaces Radio Tower, Monster Cave Slime Shooter

Probe Droid replaces Steam

TIE Interceptor replaces Boulder, Red Monster

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