Episode 1 - Battle of Dagobah

1. Ben Kenobi

2. General Grevious as IG-88

3. Bib Fortuna as Wookiee

4. Jango Fett as Boba

5. Shadow Trooper as Scout Trooper

6. Clone Trooper (Clone Wars)

7. Security Battle Droids as Battle Droids

8. Dark-Grey Super Battle Droid

9. 2007 Droideka

10. R2-Q5 as Royal Guard


STAPs and 1999 Droid Fighter replaces Dwarf Spider Droid

Episode 2: Rys Sins

1. Shadow Trooper as Scouts

2. Obi-Wan Kenobi

3. Grevious as IG-88

4. Boba Fett

5. Clone Pilot

4. Security Droid as Battle Droids

5. Geonosian as Sandpeople

6. Han Solo (Brown Legs)

7. Patrick as Pirate


Jango Fett's Slave 1

BARC Speeder replaces Gunship

AT-RT replaces Turbo Tank

Music: Asteroid Field

Episode 3: Samson

1. Mr. Krabs as Samson

2. C-3PO

3. German Soldier as Filenstiens

4. Clone Recon Trooper as Commander

5. Patrick as Pirate

6. Clone Pilot as Clones

7. Irina Spalko


Droid Fighter replaces Dwarf Spider Droid

Music: Training with a Jedi Master

Episdoe 4: The Fall of the Jedi Master

1. Royal Guard as Veers

2. Stormtrooper (Phase 2)

3. Obi-Wan Kenobi

4. Imperial Guard as Guards



Darth Vader Transformation replaces Emperor's Throne Room

Millennium Falcon

1999 Droid Fighter replaces Spider Droid

Music: Clash of Lightsaber

Episode 5: A New Hope

1. Anakin Skywalker

2. Padme

3. Boba Fett

4. IG-88 as Dengar

5. Grevious as IG-88

6. Young Anakin

7. EV-9D9 as Bib Fortuna and 2-1B

8. Young Leia

9. Patrick as Pirate

Vechicles: Gungan Bongo, Imperial Inspected, 1999 Droid Fighter,

Music: Anakin and Padme, Emperor's Throne Room, Confrontation with Dooku

Episode 6: Order 66

1. Patrick

2. Luke Skywalker

3. Padme

4. Anakin Skywalker

5. Shock Trooper as Skipper

6. Shadow Trooper as Scout Trooper

7. Princess Leia (Senator)

8. R2-D2

Episode 7: YODA

1. Yoda

2. Snowtrooper as Veers

3. Darth Vader

4. Chancellor Palpatine / Emperor Palpatine

5. Wedge Antilles

6. Grevious as IG-88

7. Patrick as Pirate

8. Mola Ram as Filesteians

9. Security Droid as Battle Droid

Vechicle; Imperial Inspection,

Vechicle: 1999 Droid Fighter,

Music: Battle of Endor Part 1

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