Version 1 (made by ThomasandRusty)

Adventure 1-Lotso's Building Smash

The soldiers are building a wall until Sarge sees Lotso, Chunk, Stretch and Twitch coming who knock down the wall with their dump truck and cheer as they race away. Sarge sees them heading towards RC, the Pizza Planet Truck and their friends and the army men build their patrol to catch Lotso who throws bricks at them. Rex sees Lotso coming and he and his friends escape with Lotso crashing into the Pizza Planet truck with both Pizza Planet and his truck coming to pieces. Lotso, Chunk, Stretch and Twitch return from the accident but then with the broken dump truck and the broken Pizza Planet truck, the pieces create a jail which traps them with the heroes arriving.

Characters (in order of appearence)


Army Men





Dump Truck






Pizza Planet Truck

Army Men Patrol

Adventure 2-Stinky Pete's Escape

Stinky Pete has knocked down the back of the jail to escape Woody's Roundup and steal three hundred dollars. Lotso and Chunk (who are out of jail) offer him a ride. Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye and the soldiers wake up to see them escaping. Woody locks up the three,

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