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LG TU500

RRP: $679.00


3GSM (UMTS) Frequency Bands: 850

2GSM Frequency Bands: 900/1800/1900

Weight (grams): 104

Standby time (up to): 200hrs

Talk time (up to): 2.5 hrs

Dual Display: Yes Main 262K Colour, Sub 65K Color

Speaker Phone: Yes

HSDPA: 1.8 Mbps

External Antenna Connection: Yes (but see comments)

Car Kit: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Camera: Single / Swivel (1.3 Mega pixel)

Video Calling Key: Dedicated

Video Recording: Yes

MMS: Picture / Video

Applications: Mobile TV, Music,



" Hey guys I have a new lg tu500 just received an antenna patch lead...connected it and worked fine ..... disconnected patch lead and now I have no signal at all without the external antenna @!!! anyone have any ideas"

"DON'T USE A PATCH LEAD. It is not a supported configuration on this device. The RF connector is basically for testing purposes only and is very very very fragile." [1]

"The LG TU500 has an external antenna connection and so far have sold 30-40 Patch leads mainly into the transport industry and havent had any problems so far (touch wood)." [2]


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