LILO UI - Overview


The Disney Property Management Replacement ("PMSR") Project is a strategic Disney initiative to develop a future state Property Management system that is agile, service oriented and capable of supporting continuously changing business needs.

The project is built and delivered in two phases. Release 1, which delivered the Housekeeping functionality and Release 2, which is delivering the rest of the property management functionalities.


LILO UI is the User Interface that the Resort operations teams will be using at all resort locations to perform different functions in their day-to-day life. The list of functionalities provided by the LILO UI includes but is not limited to:


Sales functionalities

Room Sales (limited to today/tomorrow arrival based on campus configuration)

Ticket Sales – Recommend ticket, Modify ticket, Query Ticket, Refund, Will Call


Reservation fulfillment functionalities

Reservation Management – Check In, Check Out, Special Request, Comments, Reservation Folio Management, Guest Maintenance

Housekeeping – Mange Late checkouts, Arrivals, Room status, Room assignments

Administration / Maintenance functionalities

Resort configuration – Maintain Campus, Resort, Sections, Rooms, Room Rack, Room sequence, Location

Accounting Configuration – Maintain Accounting center, Payment Method, Bill code, etc

Users Role Administration

Fixed comment types


Reconcile Guest ledger, Wholesaler exception

Bank in / Bank Out

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