The pharmacologically active ingredient in the bark of the Sequoia adeptus is a long chain crystalline alkaloid LVX or lysergic pentabanol xyloethylamide (C30H36NO6) or known as “the Light” among the Equinox colonists. In order to experience the effect of this chemical, LVX must either be inhaled or ingested. The alkaloid results from subjecting esters present in the bark of the Adeptii to electro-gravitic forces that occur periodically on Equinox during eclipses and conjunction formations created by orbits of the other planets of Tefireth and Keser.

The effect is not unpleasant and positively transformational. Cognitive scientists hypothesize that LVX alters the base-wave frequency of the human cerebral cortex, and causes the pineal gland to secrete a specific serotonin modifier. The indications of these alterations in the brain’s chemical balance are the subject’s altered awareness of his surroundings, and an altered perspective of his “place” within the Universe. Repeated instances of exposure increase the subject’s altered awareness and the depth of that awareness. The increased depth of awareness makes certain abilities available for the subject’s conscious control. Most notable of these abilities is the subject’s control of the fabric of space-time by altering the relationships between matter and energy below the quantum mechanical level.

Unlike other psychotropic substances LVX induces a permanent alteration in human brain chemistry. The altered neurotransmitters replenish and continue in their altered potency without additional exposure to LVX. However, experimenters have concluded that additional instances of exposure to lysergic pentabanol xyloethylamide activate the alteration of other neurotransmitters which affect other centers within the human cerebral cortex, thalamus, and other brain components.

The result is the subject’s increased conscious control over neural centers that in unexposed human subjects remain inaccessible to the conscious mind. Subjects describe the experience as removing veils from the Light. The more veils that are removed the brighter the Light becomes and the more clearly the subject can experience Life around them.

The students of the Enochiian School recognize upon their first exposure to LVX at Premthoth that the increased awareness is worthless without learning how to control it. Joshua Sinclair once described exposure without training as being given a bicycle without being taught how to ride it.

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