The goal of this wiki is to document, as well as possible, the early years of the beloved Cajun music, and its formation. One mail goal is to compile as best as possible a discography of the early 78RPM singles (c. 1927 - 1935), with a focus on the old accordion-driven style. Not to say that string bands don't have their place, but this is what the emphasis is on now.

Recordings - A discography, with as many details about the recordings (eg. performers, alternate titles, cross-references) as possible. Will probably remain a work in progress for some time.

Musicians - Brief biographical sketches on some of the early Cajun recording artists.

Availability - An ever-expanding list of what CDs contain these early recordings and where to find them.

In due time, the scope of this wiki may change. If documentation of said early recordings goes admirably, the focus (with big dreams!) may change to include even the most recent Cajun/Zydeco recording artists!

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