Nick: Lachmoewe, NaturalBornRefridgerator
AuthServ-name: Lachmoewe
Access level pre-drama: 100
Current access level: 300
Location: Lübeck, Germany
this box: v d e

Capslock in person. One of those guys who needs to be in every channel. He asked Uber|nooB 30 times if he could be the new channel owner. Lost the race against Mortal.

You can see him coding crappy php files with high security risk. He also seems to like coding in Lua, but nearly none of his scripts work.

He really hates Roman|Idiot for being one.

Also, if you're new in the channel, he will ask you who you are, probably twice because of bad brain (due to some alcohol accidents, no further information given). If you answer straight away he will like you, if not you'll probably get kicked (also a reason for Mortal to kick Lachmoewe) or scared away.

He is German, which is the reason for occasional jokes about ze German people in the channel, but often followed with a "loljk <3".

Is liked by Uber|nooB even more than Mortal.

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