Lady as Arthur

Edward as D.W

Thomas as Kate

Caroline as Pal (Yes, i know Pal is male)

Gordon as Jane

Rosie as David

Henry as Francine

Bill as Sue Ellen

Mavis as Buster

Bertie as Fern

Belle as George

Madge as Binky

Percy as Muffy

Ben as Prunella

Flora as Brain

Annie and Clarabel as Tibble Twins

Mallard (from RWS) as Dad

Victor as Mom

Spencer as Thora

Emily as Mr. Ratburn

The Foreman as Paige Turner

Duchess of Hamilton (from RWS) as Grandpa Dave

Neville as Mrs. MacGrady

Lady Hatt as Mr. Haney

Sir Topham Hatt as Nadine

Luke as Emily

Diesel 10 as Rattles

Purplenose as Molly (Yes, i know Purplenose is male)

Patrick as Mr. Morest

Peter Sam as James

Donald as Ms. Morgan

Douglas as Buster's Mom

The Truck (from RWS) as Catherine

Splatter as Toby

Dodge as Slink

Caitlin as Ed Crosswire

Connor as Millicent Crosswire

Nelson as the Policeman

Murdoch as Oliver Frensky

Duck as Laverne Frensky

D261 as Mike

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