Lady Ruff
First appearanceThe Doggies (Flashback)
Last appearance?
Created byBrett Barnett
NameLady Ruff
AffiliationThe Ruffs, Heaven.
  • power over Earth
FamilyLeroy Ruff, Theodore Ruff, Penny Ruff
Doggie StoneThe Earth Stone

Lady Ruff, more commonly known as 'Mom', is the mother of the doggies and is the 6th generation of magical family members in the Ruff Family.


Lady had the power of earth and so she could manipulate plant life and cause earthquakes.

Pretty much everything to do with earth.

Her Death

1. Slipped on a dingo bottle.

2. Landed on a skateboard and slid accross to the window, which she fell out of.

3. Crashed through the roof into the foyer, and bounced off a trampoline Leroy was pushing into the house.

4. Fell down the outside steps.

5. Rolled into the street and got hit by a car.

6. Landed in the sewer and drowned.

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