Lady Hatt in full CGi

Lady Jane Hatt, formerly Jane Brown, helps her husband run the railway, and is happiest when she sees new lines opened, and has had some special birthday parties (but most of the time surprises occur on her birthday). She likes the railway, but had a certain dislike of Annie and Clarabel. Later, she took a liking to them, after they got new coats of paint. Although her husband runs a railway, she likes a day out on a boat or in their car.

She first appeared in Season 1, and has had a few appearances throughout the series, her last appearance (currently) being in "Happy Birthday Sir!".

Date of Birth

  • November 13, 1981

Voice Actors


  • Lady Hatt's theme is Sir Topham Hatt's Season 1/Season 2 theme, which she shares with Sir Topham Hatt.


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