Lady and the Great Discovery is a Female Thomas Characters/The Great Discovery FL parody with Female Thomas Characters clips and The Great Discovery audio.


  • Lady as Thomas
  • and more


Quote 1:

  • Lady: Oh, fizzing fireboxes! This tunnel is flooded!
  • Narrator: She gasped! It didn't feel fun anymore. It felt scary.
  • Lady: I wish I was back in Great Waterton.
  • Narrator: She weeshed quietly. Lady drifted foward. There was nonthing she can do.
  • Lady: Cinder and ashes!
  • Narrator: She cried: She blew as loud as she could.
  • Lady: Help!
  • Narrator: She cried. But there was no one there to hear her whistle.
  • Lady: No will find me, now.
  • Narrator: Lady wailed.
  • Lady: No one will want to find me.

Quote 2:

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