Lady and the Guard is a Story from Lady the Tank Engine and Friends and It will be made by BassRockz.


  • Lady as Thomas
  • Bill as Annie
  • Ben as Clarabel
  • Molly as Henry
  • Ringo Starr as The Narrator
  • and more


  • Narrator: Lady the Tank Engine is running her branchline It is the Importent Part of the Hole Railway her two Twins Bill and Ben agree with her Bill's Coach can only take passengers but Ben's Coach can only take passengers lugge and the Guard they were old and need New Paint but Lady loves them So Much As They Went for a Station they sing songs to each other and when Lady sings [Oh come along we're rater late Oh come along we're rater late] and the Twins sang [we're coming along we're coming along] they don't mind what Lady says to them because they know she is trying to be a Really Useful Engine and they know two but If Lady was cross she's not cross with them One day they have to wait for Caroline's Train Which Made Lady very cross
  • Lady: How can I run propely if Molly is Always Late She dosen't know what Lady Hatt says
  • Narrator: Lady whistled inpatently She wanted to leave but She have to wait for Molly's Passengers At Last Molly came
  • Lady: Were Have you been lazybones
  • and more

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