Lady and the Tramp/Sonic is a Parody with Lady and the Tramp Footages and Sonic Audio


  • Scamp as Sonic
  • Junior as Tails
  • Buster as Dr Robotnik (SATAM/SU)
  • Si as Scratch
  • Am as Grounder
  • The Beaver as Lucas/Shadow
  • Angel as Breezie/Amy Rose
  • Mooch as Antione
  • Lady as Princess Sally
  • Tramp as Knuckles
  • Tony as Espio
  • Joe as Robotnik JR
  • Trusty as Uncle Chuck
  • Jock as Rotor
  • Jim Dear as Sally's Dad
  • Darling as Sally's Mum
  • The Policeman as Coconuts
  • Ruby as Rouge
  • Francois as Snively
  • Toughy as Charmy
  • Boris as Ari
  • Bull as Vector
  • The Dog Catcher as Losto From (Toy Story 3)
  • Prince John from(Robin Hood) as Robotnik (AOSTH)

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