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Version 1 (made by EliJBrown)

  • Tramp as Ten Cents
  • Pongo (from 101 Dalmatians) as Big Mac
  • Joe as OJ
  • Jock as Top Hat
  • Timothy Q. Mouse (from Dumbo) as Warrior
  • Trusty as Hercules
  • Scamp as Sunshine
  • Tito (from Oliver and Company) as Grampus
  • Roger (from 101 Dalmatians) as Captain Star
  • Buster as Zorran
  • Scratchy as Zebedee
  • Sparky as Zak
  • Fidget (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Zug
  • Skinny (from Dumbo) as Zip
  • Sykes (from Oliver and Company) as Captain Zero
  • Lady as Lillie Lightship
  • Angel as Sally Seaplane
  • Beaver as Izzy Gomez
  • Sargent (from 101 Dalmatians) as Sea Rogue
  • Colonel (from 101 Dalmatians) as Sea Rogue's Uncle
  • Roscoe and Desoto (from Oliver and Company) as The Pirates
  • The Ringmaster (from Dumbo) as Bluenose
  • Scat Cat (from The Arisocats) as The Fire Tug
  • Dodger (from Oliver and Company) as Billy Shoepack
  • Rolley (from 101 Dalmatians) as Boomer
  • Perdy (from 101 Dalmatians) as Pearl
  • Uncle Waldo (from The Aristocats) as Old Rusty
  • Casey Junior (from Dumbo) as Puffa
  • Toulouse and Berlioz (from The Aristocats) as Frank and Eddie
  • Jasper and Horace (from 101 Dalmatians) as Burke and Blair
  • The Rat as Nantucket
  • Ratigan (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Johnny Cuba

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