Books in The Railway Series

The following table lists the titles of all 41 books in The Railway Series.

Books 01 - 26 were written by BrittalCroftFan.
Books 27 - 41 were written by Smurf3126.

Books in The Railway Series
Vol. Title Year First Appearance by Characters:
Books written by BrittalCroftFan
1 The Three Railway Engines 1945 Rosie, Emily, Molly (pre-rebuild), Wife Director
2 Lady the Tank Engine 1946 Lady, Daisy
3 Daisy the Diesel Railcar 1948 Wife Controller

(her title after Nationalization)

4 Tank Engine Lady Again 1949 Bill and Ben, Terence the Tractor, Bertie the Bus
5 Troublesome Engines 1950 Mavis
6 Molly the Yellow Engine 1951 Molly (post-rebuild)
7 Flora the Tram Engine 1952 Flora, Toad the Brakevan
8 Emily the Big Engine 1953
9 Rosie the Pink Engine 1954 Trevor the Traction Engine
10 Four Little Engines 1955 Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Thin Controller
Carriages: Agnes, Ruth, Lucy, Jemima, Beatrice, Mrs Last
11 Mavis the Small Engine 1956 Belle, Harold the Helicopter
12 The Eight Famous Engines 1957 The Foreign Engine, Jinty and Pug
13 Belle and the Diesel Engine 1958 City of Truro, Diesel 10
14 The Little Old Engine 1959 Rusty the diesel, Duncan
Carriages: Cora, Ada, Jane, Mabel, Gertrude, Millicent
15 The Twin Engines 1960 Pip and Emma, Spiteful Brake Van
16 Branch Line Engines 1961 James the Red Engine
17 Gallant Old Engine 1962 George the Steamroller, Nancy the Guard's Daughter
18 Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine 1963 Stepney, Caroline the car, The Diesel/D4711
19 Mountain Engines 1964 Culdee, Ernest, Wilfred, Godred, Lord Harry,Alaric, Eric, Catherine (coach), The Truck,
Lord Harry Barrane, Mr Walter Richards
20 Very Old Engines 1965 Neil
21 Main Line Engines 1966 BoCo, Bill and Ben
22 Small Railway Engines 1967 Mike, Rex, Bert, Ballast Spreader, The Small Controller (Mr. Fergus Duncan)
23 Enterprising Engines 1968 Flying Scotsman, D199 (Spamcan), Bear, Flynn, Toad, Coaches: Isabel, Dulcie, Alice, Mirabel
24 Flynn the Western Engine 1969 S.C.Ruffey, Fred Pelhay, Bulgy
25 Duke the Lost Engine 1970 Duke, Falcon, Stuart, Stanley
26 Tramway Engines 1972 Percy
Books written by Smurf3126