Toffee's Dog as Santa's Little Helper

Patch as Bart

Launchpad McQuack from Darkwing Duck as Homer

Rosy Bumps N' Bruises as Marge

Curls N' Locks as Lisa

Bundles as Maggie

Ace as Nelson

Bea as Moe

Scoops as Skinner

Sir as Ralph Wiggum

Pillow as Sherri

Peanut as Terri

Forest as Milhouse

Mittens as Apu

Sweetie as Barney

Praire as Lurleen

Little Bah as Krabappel

Sprinkle as Janey

Jewel as Dolittle

Quackerjack from Darkwing Duck as Krusty

Matey Anchors as Kid from The Amendment Song

Choco as Troy McClure

Sugar Fruit Drops as Reverend Lovejoy

Charlotte as Ned Flanders

Grandpa from A Kid's Life as Grampa SImpson

Furry as Milhouse's Mom

Sahara as Milhouse's Dad

Superman as Gil

SpiderMan as Hank Scorpio

SpongeBob as Squeaky-Voiced Teen

Diesel 10 as Blue-Haired Lawyer

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