Cast for each parody aren't the same. But mostly are Jewel Sparkles as Thomas and Trinket Sparkles as Percy, Heres a list


  • Thomas -  Jewel Sparkles/Forest/Patch Treasure Chest/Ace Feather Behead/Himself/Sir Batterscarf
  • Edward - Bea Spells a Lot/Forest/Patch/Sir Batterscarf/Ace/Himself
  • Henry -  Mittens fluff and stuff/Patch/Ace/Forest/Himself
  • Gordon - Spot Splatter Splash/Forest/Himself
  • James - Pillow Featherbed
  • Percy  -  Trinket Sparkles
  • Toby - Ace 
  • Emily - Peanut Bog Top
  • Diesel - Himself/Black Eyed Bullard  (from Kipper) (diesel can't be Jewel Sparkles because Jewel Sparkles is good, and diesel is bad.)
  • Daisy - Dot Starloght

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