• Jewel Sparkles as Linny
  • Ace Feather Bed as Ming-Ming
  • Mittens Fluff and Stuff As Tuck
  • Bea Spells A Lot as OLlie The Bunny
  • Blanket Fetherbed as Marvin
  • Pillow featherbed as Aunt Elenora
  • Peanut Big Top as Bee
  • Spot Splatter Splash as Slug
  • Squirt Little Top As The Roaster
  • Crumbs as Seahorse
  • Tippy As Squid
  • Blossem as Bowfish
  • Dot Starlight as Dolphin
  • Marina as The Chimp
  • Bundles As The Penguin
  • Sprinkles As Unicorn
  • Scribbles as Pigeon
  • Trinket As The Kitten

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