[b]Surname:[/b] Garrison [b]Given Name:[/b] Lance [b]Known Aliases:[/b] MP-05 [b]Occupation:[/b] Force Paladin [b]Legal status:[/b] Single [b]Criminal record:[/b] enlistment under false pretences, charges dropped [b]Race:[/b] Human [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age:[/b] 26 [b]Place of Birth:[/b] Corellia[b]Place of Residence:[/b] None [b]Former Place(s) of Residence:[/b] Corellia, Bastion, Coruscant [b]Affiliation:[/b] Kingdom of Alzoc, Jedi [b]Lightsaber Styles:[/b] Lance is a practitioner of Form III lightsaber combat primarily, but dabbles in Form I. Lance is a very physical man, and it comes out in his lightsaber combat. He prefers a heavy defense, which with his physique he can maintain almost indefinitely. However, other Form III practitioners can barely recognize Lance's form, as he has adapted it to his own needs. Given his sheer size and strength advantage over most opponents, Lance fights very physically, preferring to use his weight and bulk against his opponents. He freely mixes his martial arts and wrestling knowledge into his style, inventing a style all his own. More unique, Lance fights with two lightsabers at once, a technique perfected painfully over many years, and can often confound his opponents with the sheer number of attacks. His favorite technique is to quickly switch back and forth from dual wielding to single blade styles quickly to confound his opponent.


[b]Height:[/b] 1.86 M [b]Weight:[/b] 87.5 Kg [b]Eye Colour:[/b] Brown [b]Hair:[/b] D. Brown [b]Other Features:[/b] Empire Seal tattoo in the center of his back. Lance is a large, intimidating figure. Although he has decreased in size a little bit from his time as a stormtrooper, Lance is still a muscular and imposing figure. He always looks fresh and energetic, a side affect from his tutelage from Allaster. His hair as faded at the tips to bright platinum, and his eyes to a piercing ice blue, both side affects of his specialized training.

[b]Clothing:[/b] Lance favors the whitest whites, creams and golds. He has given up his earlier dark clothing for good.

[b]Uniform:[/b] He wears his stormtrooper belt with his clothing, although he has it slung low on his hips, like a gunslingers belt. Always hanging off this belt is his blaster pistol.

[b]Personality:[/b] The war with the Republic left Lance a different man. He is loose, easy going, extremely friendly and outgoing. Though he is struck by sudden bouts of silence and contemplation, and at these times he tends to be short tempered and impatient. His training as a force Paladin left Lance a little more judgmental and intolerant of misconduct than most Jedi, but even more tender and kind with those he considers helpless, like the young, old, or infirm.

[b]Known Relatives:[/b] Wraith Garrison [b]Father:[/b] Deceased [b]Mother:[/b] Deceased

[b]History:[/b] Lance was born 19 years ago to a poor farming family on Correlia. He was raised on the farm, with the work hard mentality that most farm boys get. His constant exposure to his father and older brother in the fields, just trying to grow enough food to survive, shaped who he is today.

Whenever he had time off, Lance spent it with his older brother, Lucas, hunting, fishing, wrestling, or trying to put together a landspeeder with old broken down tractor parts. Lance and Lucas did everything together. When they were 8 and 12 respectively, they managed to raise enough money through selling animal pelts to put themselves through a martial arts school.

So 4 times a week, from the time he was 8 Lance went to martial arts, learning about the art of unarmed combat. Through selling pelts, the boys managed to raise enough money to buy a nicer rifle for hunting, and eventually, they raised enough money to buy new droids to help out on the farm. hundreds of years behind the trend, the farm finally had droids to assist in the farming. This allowed more time off for the boys, and allowed expoansion of the farm, which in turn allowed the family to sell their excess crops and make more money, which allowed them to buy more droids, etc, etc.

It wasn't long until the boys had alot more free time on their hands, in fact, they even had the entire weekend off! So, the boys spent that hunting or wrestling, or studying, as education was very important to their mother. Life continued like this, until Lucas turned 18. Wanderlust and a distaste for the mundane forced him to leave the farm. However, the family did not have any money to send him places, so he enlisted in the Empire, as a stormtrooper.

Lance was devistated at the departure of his brother, his best friend for the past 14 years just up and left. Lance was left at home, continuing his schedule of working, studying, hunting, and martial arts.

When he was 15, Lance was offered a position as an assitant instructor at the Dojo he trained at. It didn't pay well, but it involved lots of good travel. Lance jumped at the oppurtunity, and readily signed on. And so, Lance began his new job, which at first was only on Correlia. However, when lance was 17, he was offered a position teaching in a dojo on Bastion. Lance accepted, and so he said his goodbye's to his family and went to Bastion, excited, knowing that that was were his brother went when he enlisted.

However, upon arriving on Bastion, Lance did NOT report to his new school, and instead went to a recruiting office. He signed up that day to be a stormtrooper. Two days later, he went to basic, to be trained for a year as a stormtrooper. Upon graduation, he attended a 2 month seminar and training on how to be a Scout Trooper.

Lance graduated Basic in the top 10% of his class, was promoted to corporal, and was assigned to a platoon on Bastion. It was at this platoon that he got the name "Bull", it was given to him by his squad reffering to his large stature.

However, several months after he graduated, it was discovered that he was underage when he joined. Therefore, his actions where deemed illegal. Lance went to a Captain's Mast, to recieve a trial and punishment for the crime of enlisting under false pretenses. Luckily for Lance, the Captain was a leniant with Lance, and figured Lance only lied to get in because he was so loyal to the Imperial Remnant. It was decided by the Captain that Lance was to be honorably discharged, and that if he still wanted to be a stormtrooper, he would have to reenlist.

Lance decided that going through basic wouldn't be so bad, and that he was going to do it. However, when he was out for about two weeks, waiting for the next training cycle to begin, he was discovered to have force sensitivity. It was an odd circumstance. Apparently, there was a sith "recruiter" in town, searching for force sensitive people to be trained as sith. Lance decided to be tested, deciding, "what the heck? it's something to do, what do I have to lose?". However, Lance WAS force sensitive! It came as quite a shock!

Lance was given a small amount of money, and was told to make his way to a small planet, deep in Remnant space, and report for training. He was told that he would begin his training as a Sith as soon as he arrived.

Lance however, did not want to be a sith, he was scared of the sith, he was raised on stories of the attrocities that they commit. And so, taking his few savings, plus his travel budget he was given, he bought a Cloakshape fighter, and a hyperdrive sled, and jumped to Coruscant, hoping to find a Jedi master there, to teach him how to control his powers.

He managed to get to Coruscant, but burnt out his cheap little hyperdrive getting there. He landed in the Imperial City, and immediately sold his fighter. Using what little money he had, he bought a DL-44 blaster, some food, and a basic tool set. He did keep most of his Stormtrooper equipment, with the exception of the the E-11.

Lance spent about a month on the street, looking for a way to get into some sort of "Jedi Academy" or something. Luckily, he finally did discover a way into the Jedi Academy, and jumped at the chance. He then applied, and was accepted.

He spent the year with the Jedi, learning the basics of using his powers. as it turned out, Lance shows exceptional ability at telekinetics. However, for one reason or another, Lance is completely incapable of performing any mind affecting feats, and is incapable of using metaphysical powers.

Eventually, Lance was picked up and trained by the Knight, Zaine Lowe, a seer amongst the order. Lance was trained slowly, taking far more time than most padawans to progress, but this resulted in a better grasp of the basics, a better foundation upon which to build his later techniques.

Almost a year went by before Lance got his first adventure. He snuck out of the temple at the behest at one of his friends. He ran into a young woman named Raha who begged for his help. In a crazy twist of running and fighting, Lance found himself hunted by the thought to be extinct Jeedai along the very bottom of the underlevels of Coruscant. Lance was the first sentient creature to touch actual Coruscant dirt in almost a millenia as he ran deeper and deeper from the obviously superior foe. During the event, he stumbled across and unburied the sword of Markos Ragnos, lost there by Naga Sadow thousands of years earlier. Lance grabbed it and managed to lose his pursuer and make his way back to the temple. He hid the sword in the archives, fearing its power.

A short month later, Zaine took Lance on a mission to the outer rim, where he had felt a premonition. Together, they hunted down a sith maser/apprentice couple on Nar Shadaa. Lance engaged in battle with the mad apprentice Arkane Doth, where he nearly lost his life, and did lose his left hand. He was saved by Zaine, who had lost to his cousin, Arkane's master. Together they fled the planet and continued their journey to find the disturbance.

Eventually they tracked the ripple to a Outer Rim planet where an ancient Dark Lord, Kikatris, had recently awoken. They ran into Darth Amber and her new apprentice, Menoakie who were attempting to rescue Kikatris. Lance and Zaine attempted to stop them, only to find once again they were not powerful enough to stop them. They fled the scene again, this time returning to the temple to warn the Masters.

However, upon return to the temple, they found Baenre had been outlawed, and soldiers were about to storm the temple. The Sith invaded the temple when the Republic attacked. Mar'And and other heroes fell during that battle. Lance fought his way to the library and attempted to save everything he could. However, he was met by his brother Wraith, who had joined the Sith, and was forced to do battle with him over possession of the Sword of Ragnos. Although Lance was the more powerful of the two, he could not kill his brother, and as a result, lost the match and the sword. And on top of that, he missed the escaping ship, was left behind by the rest of the Jedi.

Lance managed to escape the temple and ran away to the outer Rim, where he spent several months running from Bounty Hunters, Assassins, and other low lifes. After many months of running, Baenre found him and brought him back to the Jedi enclave.

It wasn't long however, until Lance left. Without having ever been 'officially' knighted and with the death of his master Zaine, he felt very out of place. He ran away to the Empire under Medea and rejoined the military there, hoping to escape into comfortable anonymousness. However, he was discovered for his talent and delivered to Allaster, the Chief Marshal of the Imperial Military. Lance was promoted to Colonel and made Allaster's apprentice in the ways of the Force Paladin.

With new command, and new force powers, Lance spearheaded the Imperial attack on the Republic, winning several key victories, forging himself a legend amongst the Empire second only to Allaster.

However, Lance's joy was short lived as Medea wanted to make peace with the Republic, and turned the Empire over to Allaster. Allaster in turn returned to his own home, Alzoc III, taking Lance with him, as the Empire was being systematically absolved into either the New Republic or the GNC.

Lance stayed with Allaster for many years, furthering his study of the ways of the Paladin, being Allaster's chief advisor, apprentice, and friend. However, with the fall of the New Republic, Lance decided it was time to return to the Jedi. As a Paladin, it was his job to oppose evil wherever it existed, and the Jedi needed his help now more than ever.

So with a handshake and a promise to return one day, Lance left Allaster and headed to Rishi to the Jedi enclave, hoping to make a small difference in the grand scheme of things...

[b]Other information:[/b] Every Morning, Lance is up at the crack of dawn, exercising. He spends every spare minute he has practicing with his practice stun baton, trying to integrate his swordplay with his martial arts skills. Lance practices dual wielding as effortlessly as he does any other style. His lightsabers are both pale blue, so pale that they look almost silver.

Despite being a Jedi, and contrary to others objections, Lance ALWAYS has his DL-44 with him. Probably a leftover from his Boot Camp days, when asked about it, he simply says it doesn't feel right to not have it on. He has specially modified the blaster to put out more power per shot, although it drains the energy pack quicker, and he also put in a hairline trigger, making the pull just under 1 pound, increasing his shooting speed. He also usually wears his Stormtrooper equipment belt, saying simply that "you never know when this stuff will come in handy..."

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