Land of the Flea

Eduardo wakes up in the morning and skips to the bathroom with his imaginary puppy trailing behind. The many imaginary friends that resemble grooming items clean his fur and comment on how wonderful his fur coat is. Later, Eduardo insists that his puppy get groomed, too, but just as they’re about to clean him, two imaginary fleas flee from the puppy and end up on Eduardo.
At first, Eduardo only itched a little, but soon it grew worse as the two fleas began multiplying. He thought to get rid of them, but they turned out to be imaginary fleas and pleaded with Eduardo to let them stay. Eduardo saw their cute baby flea and allowed them to stay.
Eventually, the fleas started multiplying quickly which just made Eduardo fell worse, because he decided not to scratch at them. At the dinner table everyone was staring at Ed, because he was noticeably shaken; and it was revealed that he had fleas.
Well, Frankie and Mr. Herriman could not allow fleas in the house and tried many unsuccessful ways to disposed of them. Meanwhile, Bloo was jealous of Eduardo and wanted Wilt to imagine fleas for him. Wilt refused, but Bloo got the idea to steal Eduardo’s fleas by stealing his fur. Ed was embarrassed to be without his fur coat and refused to show himself.
The fleas hated Bloo, because he was not compassionate like Eduardo was; and they decided they wanted to get rid of him. To help Eduardo get over not having fur, the friends with fur coats also shaved off their fur after the fleas, through negotiation with Eduardo and Mr. Herriman, were allowed to stay and live in peace in their own room filled with all the friends’ fur.

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