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Land of Dragons

Millions of years ago when land masses drifted and jostled, there came together in one single cluster the Woodlands, the Desert, Lands of Ice, Mountains and Lakes and, of course, the dark nether regions of the Underworld. This new continent is known as Land of the Dragons.

Just across the sea from the Land of the Dragons lies the land of the Fairies and Unicorns. This is a realm of peace and enchantment where unicorns with magical horns prance in the sunlight by the side of crystal pools as they search for the elusive fairies playing hide and seek in the glades.

For much of the time the inhabitants of these lands (with the exception of those unruly creatures who live in the Underworld), together with their neighbours from across the sea in the Land of the Unicorns and Faeries, co-exist in relative harmony.

But, as in any world, trouble erupts when one tries to assert its dominance on another, these acts of aggression resulting in spectacular battles between the mighty dragons.

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