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Practice other languages and help others practice yours.

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What you can do:

  • Create a page. Write an article, essay, or story in your practice language for others to correct. To create a page, type the name of the page into the box on the right. If you need help, see the Editing tutorial.
  • Correct a page. Read someone else's writing and correct it with annotations explaining grammar and usage. See Sample page.
Category:English pages needing corrections
  • Translate a page. Language portals, annotations, and even the main page need to be translated. See the translation guide.
  • Create a language portal. a Language Portal is a place to put links to dictionaries and lessons, as well as other useful information, about a specific language. To create a Language Portal, type the name of the language in the box on the right and hit "Create".
  • Suggestions? If you have suggestions, please post a comment on the discussion page, or be bold and put your suggestions into action yourself.

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Language Portals:

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