Lani is a 6-year old yellow bus which is kind of sweet and cute. She is from the TV series Tayo the Little Bus.

Voice Actress(s)


Kami Desilets (ENG, S1-2)

Eva Davis (ENG, S3 onwards)

Eun, Young-sun (KOR; S1 onwards)


Lani is sweet and kind and always cannot stand arguements. She is also timid and enjoys watching television. She is the youngest sibling of the little buses. She lives at the bus garage with Tayo, Rogi, Gani, Cito and Hana. She is based off of a Daewoo BS106. In the series, she is voiced by Kami Deselets (ENG; S1-2), Eva Davis (ENG; S3 onwards), and Eun, Young-sun (KOR). She was mentioned in "Rogi's Hiccups", "The Best Heavy Equipment", and "Speeding is Dangerous!". She is the only female in the gang that has the #2. She had welcomed to the bus garage 2nd. She was never mentioned in season 2. Although she is sweet, she can bossy, selfish and unfair as shown in "Lani the Princess" when Rogi sang, it irritated Lani then she told Rogi to sing again making Rogi annoyed and refused to sing again. Lani got annoyed as well and told Tayo and Gani to punish Rogi, but they got tired of being bossed by Lani as well. Rogi decided that he wanted to play somthing else then Lani said that that they were the ones who wanted to play then Rogi pointed out that she was being bossy, the other 2 agreed causing Lani to get disappointed and ran away crying making the other 3 buses feel bad for her. In "I Can't Sleep", Lani suffered from insomnia and couldn't get to sleep. During school lessons, she fell asleep.

Tayo S1 19 Lani's Misunderstanding

Tayo S1 19 Lani's Misunderstanding



  • In the episode "The Best Heavy Equipment", she is revealed by Tayo that "she snores the loudest at night". However, she is sensitive. In the episode, "I Can't Sleep", Rogi and Gani said that Lani "snored very loudly" and they can't get enough sleep.