Lani Throws A Tantrum is SuperMalechi's Friturtoons episode.


  • Lani and her parents go to Harvest Mall with lots of '90s videos, and Lani sees a 1990 Fifty Years of Hanna-Barbera VHS. She asks for it but her parents say "NO!" and Lani starts throwing a huge tantrum, her parents drag her out of Harvest Mall while she bawls and blubbers behind. Then, she is locked in her room for punishment. The next day Lani and her parents go to a toy store with retired Thomas trains and Lani sees a 1994 Troublesome Breakvan, she pleads for it, but her parents say "NO!" again, and Lani starts bawling, sobbing and crying while the others laugh at her, her parents get so mad that they drag her out of the store and Lani cries again as she is locked in her room. Barney consoles the poor cyan haired old woman about her problem. Then, he is cross with Lani's parents and they buy the 1990 Fifty Years of Hanna-Barbera VHS and that 1994 Troublesome Breakvan. And then Barney watched the video while Lani plays with Percy, Troublesome Breakvan, Sawmill Log Car, Fred, Milk Tanker, Box Car, Baggage Car and Sodor Line Caboose.


  • US Narrator: Duane Lawrence.
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.


  • Lani
  • Lani's Mom
  • Lani's Dad
  • Barney The Dinosaur
  • Bubbles (cameo)
  • Blossom (cameo)
  • Ash (cameo)


  • Narrator: One peaceful autumn afternoon, Lani and her parents went to Harvest Mall. When Lani saw a 1990 Fifty Years of Hanna-Barbera VHS, it happened.
  • Lani: Can I have it now, please?
  • Lani's Dad: No, Lani! And it's a phony!
  • Lani's Mom: My husband's right. This VHS is a phony.
  • Narrator: And then, Lani began to throw the loudest tantrum in the world!
  • Lani's Parents: CUT IT OUT!
  • Lani's Parents: (gasps)
  • more coming soon

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