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Ordei insignia

Insignia of House Ordei

The Lapsarian Sector was originally colonized by humans from somewhere - no one knows where.

Over time, the original human settlers, whether it is through environmental interaction, random evolution, or genetic experimentation, branched off into subspecies. Now though humans still reside in the Lapsarian Sector, there are also many different near-human species as well that, while similar, are not the same (This is to allow you the chance to make your own alien races - keep in mind though, they have to have been descended from humans to begin with).

It was always known by the sector's residents that other civilizations existed on nearby worlds, because of the reports of the Trade Princes. The Trade Princes are a nomadic culture that braved the centuries-long treks between planets for untold eons, before they themselves invented the hyperdrive system and then, the Hypergates. The Trade Princes are most responsible for the proliferation of standard and new technologies, because they either buy or steal them from the initial developers, and then sell them to everyone else.

In the heart of the Lapsarian Sector, is the Linean Nebula. Legends in many cultures hold that either the original humans, or the original settlers of the Sector came from a planet hidden deep within the depths of the nebula. However, because it is so vast and because its chemical composition confounds long-range analysis, this may be a secret that will be hidden forever.

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