Lara Laramie is the love interest of Melvin the Magician and the older sister of Joe appearing in The Flame Pokemon-athon. Voiced by Lisa Ortiz (in a western accent), she has blue hair with a yellow headband, blue eyes and wears a green short sleeved shirt, blue shorts and orange shoes. At her age, she is 15 years old.


  1. Trixie and Dr. Wiseman (Parents)
  2. Haruno and Old Man Shuckle (Grandparents)
  3. Joe (Younger Brother)
  4. Melvin The Magician (Love Interest)
  5. Dario (Rival)
  6. Damian (Worst Nightmare)


  1. Liking for Melvin
  2. Doing her skills
  3. Admiring Joe


  1. Injuring her arm
  2. Being admired by Damian
  3. Her rivalry with Dario

List of Five Things that Damian admired her

  1. Dating her
  2. Giving her flowers
  3. Hanging out with her
  4. Marrying her
  5. Dancing with her


  1. She is a girl who is more older than Joe
  2. Her only love interest is Melvin
  3. She has feelings for Joe
  4. She also doesn't like Damian
  5. Like any other older sister, she has a rivalry with Dario
  6. She runs a prairie for Pokemon

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