Lara Laramie is a western girl appearing in The Flame Pokemon-athon. She has blue hair with a yellow headband and blue eyes. She wears a green short sleeved shirt, blue shorts and orange shoes.

Lara Laramie Pokmon


  • Miss Priscilla (Mother)
  • Mr. Shellby (Father)
  • Dee Dee Sykes (Older Sister)
  • Brenda Chance (Older Sister)
  • Taffy Dare (Older Sister)
  • Tech E. Coyote (Love Interest)


  • Doing aerobics.
  • Watching movies that have pantyhose scenes in it.
  • Hanging out with Tech E. Coyote.


  • Dario.
  • Her bad dreams.
  • The Thug Dolls.

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