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Lara the Ladybug was a recurring character of Maya the Bee Series. She is a Willy's love interest and Maya's close friend, but sometimes gets jealous of her. She was voiced by NA (TV Series) and Stavroula Mountzouris (Film).


  • Allies: Maya (good friend), Willy (boyfriend and possible crush), Sting (second boyfriend), Flip, Ben (best friend and cousin), Beatrice, Shelby, Max, Barry, Thekla (sometimes), Paul, Ant Soldiers, Arnie and Barney, Vesper, Hank and his Hornets, Bee Soldiers, The Queen, Judge Beeswax, Miss Cassandra, Crawley
  • Enemies: Stinger and his Wasps, Thekla (usually), Hank and his Hornets (formerly), The Frog, The Bird


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Lara the Ladybug in the Maya the Bee Movie.

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