The tribal cultures often favor odd methods of achieving peace, some rely on substances that start a drug trade. The Allegience does not approve and will not support it, however the Mor’aguen has a legal trade of it. The Allegiance actively tries to stop the use of the substances, but this has fueled a drug trade empire.

Basic substances

The most common narcotics are acquired from certain plants and prepared a certain way. The most popular and easy to acqurie grows as a chemical in the stem of a plant called “Nago”. It’s only issue when harvesting is that because it grows from the stem, the plant has to be destroyed to extract the chemicals. Nago drugs are referred to as nago juice. This juice is drank and acts like alcohol, but instead of making sick or stupid, it just makes the drinker disoriented and often aroused. This causes a lot of problems.

Another popular one is used by tribes and even the Allegiance allows it, a grass called “fotem” that acts as a depressant and calms down the user. The grass is burned and inhaled through pipes with special filters that can not be made cheaply, as the grass quickly turns into small ash particles that could easily slip through a cheap filter. This substance is particularly popular around Bunkarta and Trolls. The Dael often possess it but do not use it, as their lifestyle has very little stress.

The last of the three major ones is eaten. It is a strange blue fern that contains both sugars and the chemicals to create it’s effects. This one not only tastes good, but results in an energy rush, while it does not serve the same relaxing or distracting purposes of most drugs, it is used by many soldiers as an energy boost. Nechetta carry a pouch of this with them always.

Heavy Trade

There are two major substances that induce severe effects and are hard to acquire. As such this is where the powerful traders deal in.

The Black Blood

This got it’s name for it’s location. This is a diluted and cooked form of the Garsosha’s powerful anesthetic and the Twisted’s lethal poisons. If not prepared properly this substance can kill regardless of it’s source. Both can only be extracted by the secretions in their mouths and tentacles. This makes it very hard to acquire.

Because of it’s hard source but heavy payoff, there are groups of “hunters” who track down either species and attacks them for the desired substance. Some hunter’s just simply wipe down the tentacle and mouth to store, other’s cut the tentacle off entirely and squeeze out all the possible liquid. Another popular method is a type of farm, these are the highest income source for both hunter and maker. As it involves enslaved creatures being constantly pumped for their chemicals.

The liquid is cooked and it turns black, and only a small amount is needed to induce the heavy effects. Different styles of its preperations make different effects, some up some down. A few will produce hallucinations others will just knock you out cold. The liquid can be ingested just by contact with skin as the poison originally was able to, but it is most often drank instead to save the mess.

Because of the extreme methods for acquiring “Black Blood” it is the most persecuted drug trade. It’s use is feared sometimes because it leaves effects on the skin it touches, seeming to bruise on contact with flesh. Markings this clear make them targets to nay-sayers of the drugs use.

Necro Juice

This is a juice like Black Blood, though its side effects do not leave such an obvious look on the user. But it can not be as versatile nor potent as Black Blood, but it is strong none the less.

The symptoms of drinking it include heavy disorientation, hallucinations, energy rushes, and easy arousal. The side effects are known to be almost non-existant, which gains it some favor by the higher ups of society.

It’s name gives away it’s production method, corpse grinding. The rotting flesh is ground down and then dried, this creates a horrible stench and when added to any liquid becomes a powerful narcotic. The other method of use involves taking the treated flesh and lighting it, the smoke is just as potent as the liquid form. The smoked form is more popular around the poor.

While easy to acquire sometimes, it is a substance most do not want to use because of the fact it is made from corpses rotting flesh. However it is highly addictive, more so then any other drug. Most others rely on the users desire for more, Necro Juice is the only one that uses it’s chemicals to overtake the senses to make the person crave more.

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