There are several various races created in the Lareusian world set. There are more being added and more details added every day. Each of the five major Lareus races have a much higher interactions then the Azerothian races. They are known to live together more based on tribal relations instead or race, this causes a bizarre split from the warcraft original setting where it is strictly racially divided. This was done purposely to create a new adventerous feel. However, the racial prejudices that warcraft is famous for is still present between some races to keep to the original atmosphere.

There are five current races; dael, garsosha, nechetta, bunkarta, and valley trolls. Their relations are a bit more complicated then either friend or foe as the Horde and Alliance have been known to support. Dael get along well with bunkarta and garsosha, but garsosha do not get along well with bunkarta. Nechetta get along well with trolls and mountain bunkarta, but not valley bunkarta, dael, or garsosha. These racial prejudices are complex and vary from each races perspective.





Valley Trolls



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