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Larita The Crybaby is The New Adventures of Lara Laramie episode.


  • One morning, Larita is crying because her beloved doll Mindy is taken to the dumpster. Lara saw this and goes to find Mindy. Meanwhile, the Thug Dolls have a devious plan to do.


  • Lara Laramie
  • Temacu
  • Miki
  • Larita Laramie
  • Miss Priscilla
  • Thug Pooh
  • Thug Tigger
  • Thug Piglet
  • Numbuh 2 (cameo)
  • Dexter (cameo)
  • Courage (cameo)


Part 1

  • (We see Lara, Temacu and Miki watching SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Lara: That scene of a beserk Tom from Chocolate With Nuts.
  • Temacu: This is gonna be adorable!
  • Miki: You said it, Temacu.
  • Larita: (runs in, crying loudly)
  • Lara: (turns off the TV) Larita what's the matter?
  • Larita: Lara, this is terrible. Mah lovely doll Mindy has been sent to the dumpster.
  • Lara: (gasps) What?! Ye can't be serious mah little friend.
  • Larita: I wanted Mindy so much that i'm gonna miss her. (bawls loudly)
  • Lara: (holds Larita in her arms) There, there. Don't cry.
  • Temacu: (bursts to tears) I wanted to live my life with Mr. Fluffles!
  • Miki: Temacu, please. Don't cry.
  • Temacu:

Part 2

Part 3

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