Larry is an mean and evil green metro bus from Thomas and Friends. He is a gang leader of the Horrid Lorries along with Bulgy, Max and Monty.
Larry the Evil Green Metro Bus


Counterparts (Thomas Version)

  • Yami (Theodore Tugboat)
  • Black Doom, SaTam Robotink, Mephiles the Dark, Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, Sonic.exe or Music Destroyer (Sonic)
  • Evil Onua (Bionicle)

Counterparts (Bertie and Friends version)

  • Diesel (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)
  • Zorran (TUGS)
  • Oliver (Theodore Tugboat)
  • Dr. Robotink (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Lan Di (Shenmue, both are green and have scars)
  • Dr. Neo Cortex (Crash Bandicoot)

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