Larry Homestead

Larry Homestead is the secondary manager at [Mr. Grocery's Store]]. He is known for taking his job real seriously and being a stickler to the rules. Larry is a character in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, Grocery Store 101.

About Him

Larry Homestead was born in Greenwood and as a kid worked at Mr. Grocery's Store. In the comic it is shown that Larry worked for Bruce Grocery as a bagger at his store when he was young, and always wanted to be a manager. He also fashioned a mullet and dated Mr. Grocery's daughter, Lauren. It is assumed by everyone Larry became the secondary manager when he married Mr. Grocery's daughter. Larry is a loving husband to Lauren Homestead and they currently have no children. It is estimated that Larry's age is somewhere in the thirties, but it is never said in the series.


Larry Homestead takes his job seriously, and is a complete stickler to the rules, which is quite opposite to Mr. Grocery's mindset. Larry has shown he is not afraid to fire employee's. He is high strung, and easily gets mad when employee's break rules or do not work.

Larry assumes top priorities whenever Bruce Grocery leaves for the day, or goes away from the store. It happens quite often, leaving Larry in charge of the store. His business model is totally opposite to Mr. Grocery's.


Larry is married to Mr. Grocery's only child, Lauren Homstead, and loves her deeply. He seems to be afraid of having children, not wanting the change that comes with it, but he tries to hide that from his wife.

Larry has a close relationship to Bruce Grocery since he is married to his daughter. Most of times at the workplace, Larry is all business in front of Mr. Grocery, and tries to not let family ties get in the way of his work.

Larry often gives all the employee's at Mr. Grocery's Store a hard time, telling them to work harder.

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