Larry Throws the Final Tantrum is a fake VeggieTales episode.


Larry and his parents go to a video store with Thomas videos, and Larry sees a 2000 Thomas and His Friends Get Along Anchor Bay video. He asks for it but his parents say "NO!!!" and Larry starts having a temper tantrum, his parents drag him out of the store while he bawls and blubbers behind. Then, he is locked in his dark room for punishment. The next day Larry and his parents go to a toy store with retired Thomas trains and Larry sees a 2003 Duke with Coal Car, he pleads for it, but his parents say "NO!" again, and Larry starts screaming and crying while the other veggies laugh at him, his parents get so mad that they drag him out of the store and Larry cries again and he is locked in his dark room. Bob the Tomato consoles Larry about his problem. Then, he is cross with Larry's parents and they buy the Thomas and His Friends Get Along Anchor Bay video and that 2003 Duke with Coal Car. And Bob and Larry watch the video together.

Characters Featured

  • Larry
  • Larry's Sister
  • Larry's Brother
  • Bob
  • Greg (policeman)
  • Jeff (policeman)
  • Murray (policeman)
  • Anthony (policeman)
  • Captain Feathersword (policeman)
  • Dorothy (policewoman)
  • Henry (policeman)
  • Wags (policeman)
  • Sam (policeman)
  • Emma (policewoman)
  • Simon (policeman)
  • Lachy (policeman)

Transcript Larry Throws A Tantrum A Veggietales Bear in the Big Blue House Kipper the Dog Rolie Polie Olie Barney and Friends Thomas and Friends Frosty Returns Sesame Street Oobi Peanuts Horton Hears A Who and Super Why Crossover

  • Narrator: And Now Is time for Silly Songs With Larry The Part the show where Larry Come out and Sing a Silly Song
  • Larry the Cucumber: WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! Look at that Let's Make Music 2000 Tape!!!!!! Can I have it Bear? Can I have it, pleeeaaase?!?
  • Bear: Not today Larry
  • Kipper: [cuts in] Besides videos cost money
  • Narrator: Then Larry began to have a huge temper tantrum.
  • Larry: But........But........I..BWAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I WANT THAT LETS MAKE MUSIC TAPE!!!!! Pleeease!!!! Pleeeeeease!!!!!
  • Olie: Nice try Larry.
  • Larry: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! NOOOO!!! LETS MAKE MUSIC TAPE NOOOOW!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! AWAAHAHHAAHHAHA!!!!! (Larry's friends drag Larry out of the store while Larry bawls and cries behind)
  • Narrator: And that was that; They got in their car and got home and Larry got sent to his red room for 1 hour.
  • Larry: NOOOO!!!! (whines uncontrollably) I WANT LETS MAKE MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!!! It's too late to get it!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: Wailed Larry.
  • Narrator: Then, the next day Larry and his parents went to the toy store, and it had lots of plushies, and Larry loved retired plushies.
  • Larry: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! LOOK AT ALL THOSE PLUSHIES!!!!!!!! I WANT THAT 2003 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!!!! May I have it Pleeeease?!?!? Pleease!!! Pleease!!! Pleeeeeaaase!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: Whined Larry.
  • Zowie: But Larry You got many dolls at home.
  • Barney: And besides, those dolls cost money.
  • Larry: BUT I WANT THAT SONIC PLUSH!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!!!!!!
  • Thomas: CUT IT OUT, LARRY!!!!!!!!!
  • Larry: BWAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! I WANT THAT SONIC PLUSH!!!!!!! NAAAAAAAAAAAARGH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!! [Larry keeps on kicking screaming and crying and all of the other kids laughed at him
  • Narrator: And when Larry was kicking, screaming and crying, the other kids gathered around him and laughed at him.
  • Narrator: And his parents got so mad at him that they dragged Larry out of the toy store and he got kicked up to throw him in his orange room for his punishment again.
  • Narrator: Just then friends came up to Larry and asked why he was crying.
  • Holly: Whats the matter, Larry?
  • Larry: All I wanted was that 2003 Sonic the Hedgehog plush and that Sesame Street Let's Make Music 2000 Vhs tape, but then my parents locked me in my room when I had a tantrum and now I'm stuck here forever!!!!!! Waahahahahahahahahhaahahah!!!!!! I Want them nooow!!!!!!! (Bob consoles him)
  • Frosty: Don't worry, Larry. I'll stop your parents from their anger and punishments.
  • Narrator: And so Bob went down to see Larry's parents, and he was very cross.
  • Bob the Tomato: You have punished Larry in his room one time too much! You thought tantrums disgusting, ugly, and inapropriate, but they are calming, emotional, beautiful, appropriate, charming, and okay.
  • Elmo: Really? You can't be serious!
  • Bob: Yes I was! Larry must have the 2003 Duke with Coal Car and that Thomas and His Friends Get Along 2000 tape!
  • Narrator: So Larry came downstairs out his dark room to see his parents, they apologized to Larry about being mean.
  • Oobi: We're sorry, Larry.
  • Narrator: Apologized Larry's parents.
  • Charlie Brown: We thought your tantrums were disrupting, inapropriate and loud.
  • Horton: But they are really calming, peaceful, soft, understanding, and appropriate.
  • Larry: So now can I have my Let's Make Music 2000 video and 2003 Sonic Plush?
  • Super Why: Actually, I already bought them for you!
  • Larry and Bob: Yaaay!!!!!
  • Larry: Thanks mommy!!!!! Thanks Daddy!!!!
  • Narrator: So Bob and Larry went upstairs to watch their new Sesame Street Vhs tape and play their Sonic Plush from 2003.
  • Bob: How about I put in the tape, and you press play.
  • Larry: Okay!

(scene ends)