Narrator: Coming to Excuilsitly in Computer for Christmas from Playmobilkidshowsandfilms Pictues.

Simba: Take in City the Crowds Husling Traffic are Roarin' The Hot Dogs are Sizzling

Pumbaa: I Love a Story With Food in It!

Narrator: It All New, Plauymobilkid Shows and Films 27th Full Legth Animation Feauture Lars (Homer: a Polar Bear?) and Company.

(Lars Falled)

Timon: IT A ALIEN!

Nala: Hold on Guys It a Polar Bear.

Lars: Yeah!

Simba: What Sould I Worry? (Chef K: I'll Get You!) What Could I Care They May Not Have a Down! I Got Squeed On My fair!

Narrator: It a Story of Lars,

Kiara: Little Furball!

Narrator: A New York City Orphan Who Joined Simba Homer and Some of the Most Harallious Characters Ever.

Timon: Hey Man! Check it Out!

(Mufasa Runs)

Narrator: For a Magical Muiscal Adventure featuring 5 Brand New Songs.

Simba: We Have to Doggie in the Risk!

Narrator: Playmobilkidshowsandfilms Pictures Presents Lars and Company.

Timon: Man This Simba Shave Me to the Wall.

Coming This Christmas to the Computer Near You from Playmobilkidshowsandfilm Picutres

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