Jin❤️Xiaoyu's movie-spoof of "Balto (1995)".


  • Balto - Lars Alexandersson (Tekken New World) 
  • Boris - Hwoarang (Tekken New World)
  • Jenna - Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken New World)
  • Young Rosie - Jenny Floxworth (Oliver and Company) 
  • Adult Rosie - Ana (WarioWare)
  • Steele - Bowser (Mario Bros)
  • Muk and Luk - Steve Fox and Lei Wulong (Tekken) 
  • Nikki, Kaltag, and Star - Feng-Wei (Tekken Wonderful Adventure), Kazuya Mishima (Tekken Love in the Risen Christ) and Dr. Abel (Tekken New World) 
  • Dixie - Michelle Chang (Tekken New World)
  • Sylvie - Miharu Hirano (Tekken New World)
  • The Grizzly Bear - Evil Dragon (Thinkin' Things: Toony the Loon's Lagoon)

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