Nick: Lash2828, Lash, Lash-
AuthServ-name: Lash2828
Access level pre-drama:  ?
Current access level: 350 (I really want my 498 back)
Location: Norway
this box: v d e

Lash The Hero found himself lost in his own dispair, so he set out to find the beautiful Princess SoadTool in her KushroomMingdom. Why look for her? Well. She had been captured by the Evil Mingebag Army and they're leader is non other than... Inspector Whatshisface.

After decades or seconds of search, Lash The Hero saw no other way than to come to the Internet for help. He is Not_Concerned. Come visit :x

�8,11-----�8O��7]�9c¨_) Change the ? with ctrl+k into IRC. Enjoy.

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