Last But Not Beast is a one-hour episode of The Little Adventures of Bruno. This episode was directed by Magnus Scheving. Bob Buchholtz, an actor from the original Bruno series, returns to write the script for the first part of the episode. This episode features the guest voices of Brian Tee, Magnus Scheving, Robert Ito, Keone Young and Runan Freyer Gislason.


Bruno and Jhack enter a student exchange program to different places. Bruno goes to Japan to learn more about Ami's heritage where he meets Ami's parents and gets into a fight with giant monsters and robots. Jhack goes to Iceland meeting up with exercising activists and learning how to keep a balance health and diet.

Guest cast

  • Brian Tee - Toshi
  • Magnus Scheving - Olaf
  • Robert Ito - Japanese Man
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Japanese Kids, Icelandic Kids
  • Keone Young - Old Merchant
  • Runan Freyer Gislason - Activist
  • Janice Kawaye - Ami, Ami's mother, Sensei
  • Chris Rock - Mitosis Johns
  • David Hyde Pierce - Drips Koolrelieff


  • During the scenes were Jhack firsts travels to Icelandic, it borrows animation from the 2001 movie Osmosis Jones since the characters from the movie and animated series appears in the series as well. Some of the text showing the City of Frank was edited to Iceland and all white blood cells/germs were edited to become Icelandic natives. Mitosis Johns and Drips Koolrelief are actually human versions of Ozzy and Drix. Several of the footage were borrowed from the film, especialy the nerve hit and the pollon shooting.

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