The Last Council Of The Old Gods

The Last Council Of The Old Gods is an event that occured in the very first years of existince of the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Past Universe.


The greatest histories in the existence of even the oldest races can only begin to fathom the Beginning of Time – the point at which existence itself was formed from the celestial void and given shape and meaning. No mortal beings today can fathom the power unleashed in the forging of existence, nor even the methods behind it. But nonetheless, the world was formed and cast into the heavens.

For an endless age it was a lifeless orb – nothing more than derelict rock and torn atmosphere. But, as the Gods willed it, life was breathed into the world and the creation of Life was begun. Out of nothingness came the dark clouds that filled the oceans, the plants that covered the continents and the air that sustained them all. Each of the Old Gods saw himself in this new world and each imparted a part of themselves to it, creating and forging the world to their own whims.

It is then that it is said that the Last Council of the Old Gods was called, and the sky burned a blinding white with their gathered power. They agreed that this new world shall be the domain of mortals and their children. But the seeds of jealousy and ambition burned in the hearts of the Old Gods and each wished the world as their own. In what is known today as the First Rain, the Old Races were created in the desire of the Old Gods, and they populated the earth and oceans. They were born of countless form and ability, and the world was entrusted to them.

At first they were nothing more than savages, unable to comprehend the world around them. But, as time passed, the seeds of civilisation grew to fruition. Language and culture emerged, each race forming their own ideals and visions of the world around them.

Impact On The Universe

The Last Council was the event that heralded the creation of the mortal races, and so it has perhaps the greatest resonance today of nearly event that has since come. It was the last combined meeting of the Old Gods, which today are dormant and but a fraction of their former glory. The Old Gods were always notoriously fickle, and the possibility of their awakening again for a common cause is far less likely as each day passes.

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