Lasting Sands is a fictional fantasy world most notable for the SoupBowl Journals which takes place within it. The Timeline of Lasting Sands population and migrations gives a distinct view and holistic view of its histroy.

Recent History

The Kingdom of Sersex that spread entirely across Lasting Sands led a crusade against the State of Shar. The State of Shar through highly unwholesome means had evoked the reckless deity of Atach, the troublesome son of God to help them control Lasting Sands and beyond. This was called The Great War which lasted 7 years. The Kingdom of Sersex expended itself tremendously in this battle and the King of Sersex, King Lylyac, died in the 5th year. Gradually the bloodline was warn down though death, disease and fatigue three children died in the last two years of the war leaving only three alive. Because of their young age it had been decided at the word of Ilitia, King Lylyac's closest friend and military adviser that his children stay within the kingdom. At this point however the war was near its end.

Current Political Climate

After The Great War King Lylyac's three children Prince Edward, Prince Garon and Princess Natasha inherited the control of the kingdom. Ilitia was in line to help guide the children and take temporary control of the kingdom until they reached the right age but he was apparently assassinated by the House of Acuere. After this the teenage rivalry and banter was transposed to the management of the kingdom. Which was in turn cut up three ways. The three children live and rule from the city of Rucx which personifies there physical split

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