The LatAm Brigade is a team created by Jean Kazuhiza, which objective is operate in South America and Central America. He created them due mainly to the recent inestabilites occurred in such parts. Their base is located in Pichilemu, Chile.


Jean Kazuhiza

The founder of the team, he's the tactician of the team so he can prepare the attacks and investigate the dangers ocurring in such zones.


(Ojamajo Doremi) - Jean's wife and the green ojamajo, she's always caring for him, because Jean saved her from grasps of death, when she became a victim of cancer. She's always to cheer him up, and she can use her magic to help his friends.

Nozomi (Non-chan)


(Transformers G1 OC): He's a blue autobot which he can turn into a Ford GT90, he has a light bayonet and a bazooka, he always has a sense of justice, but sometimes he ends up commiting more punishment than the evil-doers deserve. Despite that, he's always ready to make the bad guys pay the consequences. "You do something, the Karma gives it back to you".

Dave The Barbarian

(Dave The Barbarian): The coward power-house of the team, he's always worrying about the cleaness of the LatAm Brigade base, or singing with his acoustic guitar, he's always accompanied by his talking sword Lula, he sees Jean as a leader role model.

Dave with his sword Lula

Buck Tuddrussel

(Time Squad): He's an agent of the Time Squad currently inactive, he was about to be expelled from the organization unfairly by JT Laser, however, thanks to Jean, he exposed JT Laser and Lance 9.000.000, expelling them from the Time Squad for good, now, Buck accompanies Jean in the brute force.
Time squad

Buck Tuddrussel with Otto (left) and Larry 3000 (right)


(Asterix): He's the bard of the team, he decided accompany Jean, when he knew that he wouldn't stay in the Gaulish Village anymore, since he wants to know the world outside.

Kaidoh Kaouru

(Prince of Tennis): He's a professional tennis player, he's called The Viper, because of his taunt, making the sound of a snake with his mouth and his top-spin, the Serpent Boomerang, he has an rageful character.


(Di Gi Charat): She's a catgirl and the princess of the planet Di Gi Charat, which it comes her full name (Dejiko, for short). She has the Me-Kara Beam, which it can be shot from her eyes. She's cheerful, but becomes psychologically given up when there's no objetive or motivation, but she never loses his hopes.

Daggett Beaver

(Angry Beavers): He joined the LatAm team, after graduating himself from the Orange Planet Air Force, he's the chopper of the team.


Ai Enma

(Hell Girl): She's known to bring vengeance upon the tormentors of those who contact her, that's it, with a price, which it is that the person who makes the vengeance wish, must go to hell too. She joins the LatAm Brigade, after bringing vengeance on behalf of those who were exploited by Ed Wuncler.

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