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Existing Technologies

Here's where we can talk about all the different launch methods that could be used. Space Elevator? Saturn V? A giant railgun? I'll keep posting more ideas as discussion continues.

1. Conventional rocketry. We launch from the ground with a multi-stage rocket that puts our vehicle in orbit.

2. We use a hot-air baloon to get us halfway, then use a space-plane piggy-back to get us further, then launch a conventional rocket from the upper atmosphere.

3. We use a ground-based propellant (like a human cannonball), combined with conventional rocketry.

4. Use a magnetic slingshot to propel the space vehicle into orbit (or part way?).

5. Use a laser propelled vehicle.

In Development

6. Explore anti-gravity experiments, and use to reduce equivalent mass of spacecraft.

7. Use a space elevator, and terminal in GEO to lift spacecraft and supplies into orbit.

8. Use a space fountain. (see Wikipedia)

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