Laura Bond is one of the forms of the Third River

Her dress style was dressing younger than she looked and liked to have hair Blond she was she wasnt like with men very much either who found her annoying or two faced.

She was born in Sydney which was the birth point for that set of Rivers in her generation in total five of the six Rivers were born there. She was found by the Sixth River who is called Steph Colledge


She had found some of the group members they were Claire Barnett And Jane Fairbanks who were all found by Steph Colledge. They did battle with Dale Dingo who was trying to use Steph Colledge as part of a big experment called the Dingo Plan. However it was shutdown when Steph Colledge was around and the First River wasn't around for that fight. Later on that year they heard of how a girl around 13 took down 4 Marines and stole one of there helicopters they was sure this would be the first River because it was something very much alike what the 21 Body of the first River did.


They found the other two Rivers who were this time called Emma Smith and Jessie Daniels they now had six Rivers and also found this time it was a all girl set of Rivers this had only been done one other time when it was all males. There next battle was with a group called the Mels Boyswhich they did fight another foe of that year who went by the name Dr Ragan who was trying to make powerful fighers which would kill the Rivers. They soon beat him and also have to fight the likes of Mels Boys. Sadly in the battle Jessie Daniels was killed.


Dr Ragan had came back with his monster cat which were now down in a new location and also this time he had made Giant Sharks. It soon came out that it wasn't just Dr Ragan behind this it was people who worked with him.


The Group this time had to fight a killer called The Fox This battle was harder because Emma Smith had another matter to take care of when he was about. The group was lead by Steph Colledge for that short moment of time and they manage to get the fox locked up.


A cop wanted to see the Rivers dead it was a event which took place when Emma Smith was on her 22nd second body where a cop named Brunswick this fight was best if Laura Bond kept out and she supported Emma Smith and Steph Colledge who came back. Also Jane Fairbanks thinking it was all over moved on with her life.


Dr Ragan had came back to try out his new stuff this time he used his toys on Paul Hankin to see if he could get the effect to finish off the Rivers. However before the Rivers could do anything about Dr Ragan he was locked up.


It then came clear that what was done to Paul Hankin was working and over this event Laura Bond died in battle when she was stabbed and started in her next body which was nothing like her last one named Jamie Jackson

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