Lavaro is An Hero of Fire

Lavaro Edajutor

Bio (Do Not Delete, But You Can Add)

  • Species: Edajutor (Harror the Robot), Matoran, Toa & Turagha (Bionicle)
  • Age: 17
  • Color: Red (Harror the Robot), Red & Orange (Bionicle)
  • Allies: The Edajutors
  • Enemies: Unknown


Matoran Lavaro

Lavaro Version Bionicle: Matoran

  • He Shoots Fire Balls,Fire Missiles (Normal or Homing), And Fire Bombs
  • He is Good, Friendly and Smart
  • He Always Must Save the World with the Another Edajutors

Wosrt Enemies

  1. Malvadu the Boss
  2. Doctor Crimen Foregu
  3. Bosses (Harror the Robot)
    Toa Lavaro

    Lavaro Version Bionicle: Toa

  4. Makuta
  5. Mr. Matoran of Bigfoot (Formerly)
  6. Rahi
  7. Reidak the Pakara King
  8. Turahga Vakama (Formerly)
  9. Infected Toa Gali
  10. Rock the Nanorobot

Counterparts (Super Mario Version)

Counterparts (Bionicle Version)

Counterparts (Harror the Robot Version)


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