• T.E. Lawrence as Mario
  • Prince Faisal as Toadsworth
  • Auda abu Tayi as Toad
  • General Allenby as Donkey Kong
  • Sherif Ali as Luigi
  • The Turkish Bey as Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Colonel Harry Brighton as Chunky Kong
  • Mr. Dryden as Cranky Kong
  • Jackson Bentley as Diddy Kong
  • General Murray as King K. Rool
  • Farraj as Yoshi
  • Gasim as K. Lumsy
  • Tafas as Mallow
  • Majid as Stanley the Bugman
  • Michael George Hartley as Banjo
  • Daud as Yellow Toad
  • Corporal Potter as Fox McCloud
  • Medical Officer as Detective Herlock Solmes
  • Corporal Jenkins as Geno
  • Silliam as Funky Kong

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