These are the laws of the Xal-Fettk. Disobedience of these rules could result in complete expulsion from the Union.

Rights of the Hunters

Here is a list of the rights of all of the Bounty Hunters that work for the Xal-Fettk. All these rights must be obeyed by the employers and the Leaders.

The First Right

If not payed in FULL for any job that the Hunters accept, the Hunter may punish the employer in any way they see fight, including death. The employer must be aware of this before signing any contracts with the Xal-Fettk Union.

The Second Right

All Hunters may choose to challenge the rule of the Leaders, but if the Leaders choose they can have the Hunters murdered or exiled. However if enough Hunters back the original Hunter, the Leader may be overthrown.

The Third Right

If any Hunter kills or harms another Hunter, the Leaders may choose a fitting punishment if they so choose, or, if the Hunter was only harmed, it is that Hunters choice.