Basic Character Bio of Impending Doom

Haha, Milly-mun, I stole it from you >D

Name: Laxchine Renoir (no, DC doesn't know how to pronounce it either... long story.)

Addressed as: Laxchine. Or oneechan, in Naminé's case.

Nicknames: Unless you're Axel or Envy, don't even try giving her a nickname. XD That said, Laxy, Laxchine-lovely, lopsided insect

Age: 18

Height: 5'6ish

Birthdate: October 30

Likes: Sparring, black trenchcoats, Axel, Envy, antagonizing the Uchiha brothers, lightning, chocolate

Dislikes: Stupidity, Naminé walking in on her and Axel or Envy at inappropriate moments, Axel's Mom, you, school, her parents pestering her about college

Things She Did/Does that Own You

  • Is able to create lightning at will
  • Somehow set up a DDR competition on the beach (anyone remember that? XD)
  • Had lots of wild monkey sex with Axel
  • ... especially in the Haunted House
  • the beach is good too
  • I don't like sand. It's gritty and it gets everywhere. (Or something like that, feel free to correct me if I misquoted XD)
  • Went all canon!Laxchine on everyone's ass and making Envy cry
  • Is possibly the least canon character besides Sasuke and Itachi, except for the above incident
  • Is involved in a love quadrangle of some sort with Axel, Envy and Masaaki
  • Angsts way too much about the above love-quadrangle
  • Has antennaehair.

Quotes, because DC is a quote whore

  • "Some people just don't know what's so great about sharp pointy things.

Enlighten them."

  • "... I was NOT staring at you, and even if I was, there are politer ways to tell me to stop than blowing up my desk. -.-"
  • "Heh. People fall in love and they're all happy, imagining being with that person forever, all sunshine and wuv and, I don't know, fuzzy fucking bunnies for all I care. But then they find out that their dreams can't come true.

And then they start to cry~" (as canon!Larxene)

  • "I don't care that that ghost is already dead, I'm going to kill him."
  • "Good boy... palmtree... man... large plant with a penis. :/" (to Envy)

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