The Poisoner of Hearts (Poison, Claws)


Just over 6'. Black hair with purple flecks, green eyes.


Layax is a cynical Nobody, and likes the pain of those she hates. She bears a grudge for a long time, and it is difficult to convince her she is wrong.


Before she became a Nobody, Alya was a researcher in Radiant Garden. She tried to obtain Ienzo's love with a near-fanatical zeal, and also spent time talking to Axial, who would eventually effectively kill her. She fell in love with Rixon shortly after.


Now married to Rixon, with one child, and pregnant with another. Uses the element of Magic. She's now a near-immortal Planeswalker, ageless and with near-infinite power. She's a sort of second leader of the Organization now, as Rixon will do anything she says.


Rixon (husband)

Xenos, (unborn) Xyla (children)

Xed, Axial (hates)

Navix (dislikes, future brother-in-law)

Xat, Maxia, Xalele (Most liked other Organisation members)

Various Radiant Garden people

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